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Vilmos Zsigmond, Oscar-Winning Cinematographer, Dies at 85

Hungarian-born cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, winner of an Oscar for his achievements on “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and a nominee for “The Deer Hunter,” “The River” (1984) and the “The Black Dahlia” (2006), has died at 85. His business partner Yuri Neyman said he died January 1.

Over a period of five decades in Hollywood, his other outstanding achievements included “Deliverance,” “Blow Out,” “The Ghost and the Darkness” and such Robert Altman films as “McCabe and Mrs. Miller” and “The Long Goodbye.” And he considered it the ultimate compliment that no two of his movies looked alike.

Working into his eighties, Zsigmond also shot a number of episodes of the Fox sitcom “The Mindy Project” from 2012-14. Zsigmond ranked among the 10 most influential cinematographers in film history in a 2003 survey conducted by the International Cinematographers Guild.

Belying his comment to Rolling Stone that “a cinematographer can only be as good as the director,” Zsigmond often flattered his directors’ capabilities with his innovative use of lighting and his painterly eye.

Escaping from his native Hungary after the 1956 Russian invasion, Zsigmond slowly worked his way up starting with low-budget exploitation films. After a decade he finally got his break with Altman’s stylistically daring “McCabe” (1971), in which he used a limited palate of desaturated colors, giving the Western a boldly unconventional and melancholy look. Also for Altman he did “Images” and “The Long Goodbye,” and was tapped by John Boorman to be the cinematographer on “Deliverance,” the 1972 classic for which he provided a crisp, evocative look.

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